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Terms of service — overview
This is a quick outline of some of our terms of service. Please download & read the full documents.

The (very) simple version . . .

This is just to give you a quick outline of what's OK and what is not.

  • No spam

  • No pornography

  • No incitement

  • No terrorism

  • Accounts must be paid

  • 99.9% service guarantee

  • We respect our customers' privacy

  • No copyright infringement

  • No hacking

The full version . . .

The following documents are in PDF format and should open in a new window if you click on the document name.

  • Terms of Service — This is what we and our customers agree to. If the agreement is broken we may suspend (or cancell) service

  • Privacy — We respect the privacy of our visitors and our customers. This document gives our privacy standards in detail.

  • Service — We guarantee that the computer your host account is on will be available to the internet 99.9% of the time.

  • Copyright — We respect the intellectual property of all and we require our customers to do likewise.

  • Acceptable use — We try to provide the highest reliability and network uptime to our customers. To assisst with this we have rules to protect against network abuse.


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