Domain Name Registration with

We offer you two ways of handling the Domain Name Registration process:


This secure process is as straight-forward as we have been able to make it. You are lead through a series of steps in choosing your Domain Name(s) and the Domain you want to register in, and your details. If you get stuck you are able to halt the process and get us to do it all for you.

Be aware that the Domain Name Registration process is seperate from the Website Hosting process and that the username and password combination for the Domain Name Registration will not be the same as for the Website Hosting. Please make a note of your username & password combinations and store them in a secure place to refer to when you come to renew the Domain name Registration and the Website Hosting.

 If you haven't registered a Domain Name before, this is the simplest path to take, just fill in the form and we will take it from there and get back to you with prices & progress to confirm it all before committing you to anything.

We will need a little bit of information from you if you want us to manage the Domain Name Registration process for you. This is what we will need to know and we will ask you to fill-in these details in a form on the next page.


  • Your name & contact details

  • The Name you wish to register

  • The Domain you would like to regester it in (; .net;; .eu, etc...)

  • Possibly some other details depending on which Domain(s) you want

  • You also have to decide how long to register your Domain Name for. This may vary depending on the Domain(s) you choose to register in. We offer considerable discounts from our already low registration fees for long-term registrations. All the prices are available on the do-it-yourself secure portion of the site


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