Managed Website Hosting Plans from

Managed Website Hosting Plans
If you are unsure about what's involved in Web (or Website) hosting then we can do all of that for you.

Before we go any further . . .

Do you know what Website Hosting is?

Website Hosting is where we provide you with space on a computer (server) which is permanently (99.9%) connected to the internet/World Wide Web. You are able to use this computer space (hard disk space, memory, computing power and connectivity) as you wish, (subject to our Terms & Conditions).


  • You should be aware that there are several steps involved in getting a new website up-and-running and that Website Hosting is just one of these steps.

  • If you are looking for a full website Design, Management and Hosting service then you would be better served going to an organisation like who will do EVERYTHING for you.

    • We just offer Hosting and Managed Hosting (so that we do not compete with our customers who offer Website Design and Website Management services).

  • If you have any questions about what is and isn't on offer then please ask us through out General Contact form.

  • If you just want Hosting (not Managed Hosting) then you should go directly to our Hosting Order Form

  • If you would like us to Manage the website Hosting for you then please go to our Managed Hosting Enquiry Form

    • Fill in the form and we'll get back to you when one of our hosting specialists worked out how we can best help you. This process should take less than 12 hours from when you submit your enquiry.

  • We need some straightforward information from you, like: “What Domain Name (Website Name or URL) do you want to use?”

  • When we have this info we will be in a position to give you a firm price for your website hosting.



    Website Hosting from

    These three plans are the most popular

    A very small plan suitable for a couple of web pages and e-mail addresses. If this is all you want then this is the plan for you.
    Tiny Plan $55/year
    Suitable for popular blogs and a more fully featured website. A comfortable amount of web 'real estate'. Very usable!
    Medium Plan $154/year
    A comprehensive plan suitable for a business, a community group, a school or just a busy individual.
    Huge Plan $352/year
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