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Manage your website with cPanel
cPanel (control Panel) is a graphical web-based web-hosting control panel, designed to simplify the administration of your website.

  • Everything you need to manage files, email, and databases using cPanel

  • Organise your web site, create subdomains, custom error messages, and password protected areas

  • Analyse site logs, ensure your site and data remain secure, and learn how to create and restore data back ups

  • Use advanced features, find powerful cPanel add ons, and install web scripts from within cPanel: osCommerce, Mambo, phpBB, and more...

  • Administering and managing websites might sound like a tough task that requires a myriad of professional knowledge about servers and networking. However, this does not apply to hosting services that are powered by cPanel. *


The General Account Information area provides information about the resources available under your selected plan and your use of those resources.
Account info
The General Server Information area provides information about the server computer you are using as well a a link to full documentation for cPanel
Server info
The Tools area provides you with up-to 36 tools for managing your space on the server computer and your website.
cPanel tools
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